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Your Body, Your Confidence - Restored

The journey to restoring your hair or changing your appearance can seem daunting. The industry is vast, and finding a trusted provider overseas can be challenging. Misinformation and lack of transparency can lead to poor decisions, with subpar results and risks to health.


At Velacor, we aim to alleviate these concerns.

Independent Reviews

We believe in the power of shared experiences. Our platform features independent reviews from real patients who have undergone procedures at our partner clinics. These honest accounts help you make informed decisions and set realistic expectations.

Experience Based Guidance

With Velacor, you're not just booking a procedure; you're gaining a trusted advisor. We guide you through the entire journey, from exploring procedures to arranging travel and understanding aftercare. Our aim is to make the process seamless and stress-free.

Peace of Mind Booking

We understand that undergoing a procedure abroad may cause anxiety. Velacor's secure booking process ensures transparency and trust. We only partner with reputable clinics and provide full disclosure of costs and procedure details.

Our Commitment

Empowering You on Your Transformative Journey

At Velacor, our mission is simple – to guide, inform, and support patients seeking overseas medical procedures. We aim to streamline the process, eliminate uncertainties, and promote trust in the quality and safety of our partner clinics. We believe every individual deserves the opportunity to regain confidence and self-esteem through a positive medical tourism experience.


Award-Winning Start-Up Excellence

We are thrilled to share the latest milestone in our journey. Velacor’s founder, Eric Lawless, has been honored as the overall winner of the esteemed MERITS Tech Pre-Accelerator Programme 2023. This accolade reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled guidance and support for those embarking on transformational journeys like hair transplantation. Our triumph lies in our collective collaboration and the unwavering support of partners like the Local Enterprise Office in Kildare and the brilliant team at MERITS. As we launch, this recognition fuels our passion for bringing trusted and transparent medical travel guidance to our clients.

Explore Our Trusted Network

Here you’ll find an overview of our handpicked partner clinics, each renowned for their excellence in hair transplant procedures. Learn more about each clinic, their specialties, patient testimonials, and why they could be your perfect match for your transformative journey.

Vera Clinic

With a reputation for precision and patient care, Vera Clinic offers personalised procedures aimed at achieving natural-looking results.

Smile Hair Clinic

Known for its comprehensive approach to hair restoration, Smile Hair Clinic boasts a dedicated team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities.

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